new year

The new year has been here for about 2 weeks. This year I made the resolution to get something crossed off my list for Debris at least every week. Thomas and I are also going to have weekly video calls/work sessions so hopefully good things are going to happen for Debris in 2015. We might even decide on a better name at some point.

Additionally I am resolving to write an update post at least every other week. If that is too infrequent for you my twitter is a good place to see my updates and read my SJW ramblings.

Additionally, here is some small progress from last week.

new placeholder sprites

I am not an artist, that being said, the last week or so I’ve been practicing pixel art sprites on my lunch breaks in order to make new placeholders for Debris. Been having a lot of fun with it, so I thought I would share the ones that I have here.

This week I also got the new codebase reading clicks, and can move a character around the screen. Nothing too impressive, but it’s progress.

Thomas has also been working on some really cool stuff, including the procedural algorithms for the dungeon’s creation and layout!

something new?

There are some whisperings that I’m starting up a new game project.

Anyways, more details later.


Apologies for radio silence for a while, but between graduation, job, moving and not having internet at my new place, not much has happened on either of my big projects until recently.

That being said, Debris I am now officially classifying as my main project. Fear Him is still going to happen, but for the time being I’m putting that on hold (at least until I get internet and time management sorted). Last night I got a bit of work done on a new system for the combat in Debris, and I know Tom has also been doing a lot.

Once the new combat system is implemented (and the game gives you the right information on how to use it) I’m thinking we might put up a new build. The build is available to play, there is a sticky on the top of the page, and feedback on the game is always appreciated.

game jam

I had the 4th of July free from work, so, having a long weekend and with my family all out of town my friend Thomas and I decided to do a game jam on our own. We started Thursday evening and our goal was to have a complete-ish game by the end of the day on Sunday.

The result was Debris, a turn based tactical game where you control a band of three characters: a warrior, a rogue and a mage. While we didn’t get everything we wanted to working, we were able to build the very beginnings of what could be the core mechanics of a full game. All the art is temporary, terrible programmer sprite art done by me, so please forgive it.

It is available to play right now, in it’s rough stage. You can play it here.

In the future? Not sure yet, Thomas is busy with work stuff, I’m wanting to get back to work on Fear Him, but at the same time, this is a fun project that I am interested in working on in the future, we’ll see.

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