game jam

I had the 4th of July free from work, so, having a long weekend and with my family all out of town my friend Thomas and I decided to do a game jam on our own. We started Thursday evening and our goal was to have a complete-ish game by the end of the day on Sunday.

The result was Debris, a turn based tactical game where you control a band of three characters: a warrior, a rogue and a mage. While we didn’t get everything we wanted to working, we were able to build the very beginnings of what could be the core mechanics of a full game. All the art is temporary, terrible programmer sprite art done by me, so please forgive it.

It is available to play right now, in it’s rough stage. You can play it here.

In the future? Not sure yet, Thomas is busy with work stuff, I’m wanting to get back to work on Fear Him, but at the same time, this is a fun project that I am interested in working on in the future, we’ll see.

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