March update: I should learn to listen to myself

New goal: at minimum monthly project updates.

The past week or so has mostly been spent on a nasty refactor. The biggest reason is because I didn’t listen to myself. A few months ago Thomas and I had a long discussion about the design we were going to use in a certain portion of our code, and in the end, what we came up with seemed like a really good design.

Fast forward a few months, and I had been working (slowly) on adding to that class, which is one of the main pieces of driver code for Debris. I had been working in a way that pretty much ignored the design we initially laid out.

So, the better part of a week’s worth of short development sessions later, and I’m back on track. When we originally set down that design I had even left a long comment to myself to explain why. I felt I needed to amend that comment after the refactor was done.

So, after that was done, I was able to finally add the new feature that I originally intended to add. Today I got that portion done, so now you are able to switch characters by clicking on other party members.

(Note: the music I was listening to in the background is a little loud in the clip, so you may want to turn down your volume. It is from the Shovel Knight OST, by the way.)

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