on burnout and other life things

So, I haven’t worked on Debris for a while. At first I thought it was related to other life and health issues, but even as those have been resolved, I find it’s hard to keep working on the project. I guess I’ve gotten kind of burned out on it. At least, I thought it was burnout, but even then, there were always things about the project that would excite me and get me out of my burnout, and back into game development, but it has just been a constant struggle for quite a while.

I think that I had forgotten a key element of these kinds of endeavors: Fail Faster. As Extra Credits taught:

At this point I’m just not sure if the project is sustainable in it’s current state and in my current state of mind, so I need to shelve it for a while, and turn myself to other ideas that I can approach and iterate on much faster. As Thomas put it, I guess I’ve been hit by the idea fairy.

So, for now Debris is on the shelf, I may return to it some day, but I think I need to turn my attention back to Fear Him. My plan is to start by prototyping the story and progression paths using Twine, which will allow me to plan basically the entire game outside of the gating puzzles, as well as get a feel for the ways players might approach the mystery I intend to present them with. Additionally, it means that when I get down to building the actual game in 3D space I will already have my path planned and my script written.

So, that’s where I am at, and hopefully going forward I will make more progress, and update this site on a semi-regular basis.

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