New Year – 2016

I’m not overly sentimental when it comes to New Years and whatnot. Most of the time it’s just another day, plus it’s in the middle of winter and I really, really hate winter. So, resolutions are not really my thing, but I feel I should at least post some updates.

2015 was certainly a year! All snark aside, it wasn’t the greatest, but not the worst either. I spent most of it in a shitty job that I hated, and just trying to make it from one day to the next. I started up and dropped a project or two, and unfortunately haven’t made all that much progress on any games that I am trying to work on. Though, it’s not all bad.

In October I started working at a much better job, making more money and hopefully going forward I will have a lot more energy to work on personal projects. I also got a dog around the same time:

Seasonal depression be damned, I’m determined to get some stuff done this year. Recently Thomas and I did a weekend dev session and started working on a point-and-click murder mystery prototype. The art is placeholder from an open game art site and looks awful, but that aside I have posted a few things from that prototype:

I’ve got most of the systems designed, but there is quite a bit of implementation stuff left to code.

A rare behind-the-scenes look
A rare behind-the-scenes look

In the meantime I am hoping to get some more work done on the Twine prototype of Fear Him, and maybe other things will come up this year. In any case, this is goodbye to 2015, and hello to a new year.

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