April Update – Art

This month has mostly been about art. Not entirely, I have been also doing work refactoring already existing code, making the player controller more manageable, re-working the collapsing platforms, but mostly I’ve been working to get the art Fernando delivered plugged into the game.

While the new stuff certainly looks pretty flashy, there’s not a whole lot to talk about on the technical or interesting side of things. A lot of individual frame additions in the editor, and a lot of level design using Tiled, and we are making some good progress on making this game look and feel the way it should. This has done a lot to make the game feel more real to me, not only am I less ashamed to show off the state of the prototype, but it also is beginning to feel like a game. The character moves, and jumps and it is starting to look pretty good.

I have also started trying my hand at doing game development streams on the Creative channel at Twitch. Not sure if I will continue that habit, there are pros and cons. On the one hand my schedule is not as normal as I would like to believe, so trying to commit to a weekly development stream is daunting. On the other hand the few times I’ve tried it so far it has resulted in very productive evenings. One thing I did get done during one such stream is adding a nifty particle effect to the collapsing platforms.

So that about sums up what I’ve been working on this last month. Vacío is coming along, and I hope to have a playable “beta” finished and ready to get a few playtesters by the end of May or midway through June.

To wrap things up here is the obligatory dog picture:


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