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graffiti and keys

Made some progress on Him this weekend. I spent a few hours working on filling in the level design with some more rooms. Adding rooms, doors, etc take a surprising amount of time because of the non-euclidean level design, most of that time is just spent trying to wrap my head around my own sketch of the desired level. After that I decided that I wanted to start adding some things to make rooms unique. Yes, I want you to get lost, but I also want you to recognize when you’ve been in the same room 13 times while trying to find the exit.

Adding graffiti-style messages to the walls accomplishes this. Additionally, the scrawls on the walls serve a storytelling purpose, and help to add the creepy factor. So, I spent some time getting texture projectors working in unity. The result is I was able to add a nice greeting to the first room of my demo/test level.

The next feature I got working this weekend is keys. Well, by that I mean there are now keys in the level that you can interact with and pick up. This adds a key to the players inventory, if you have at least 1 key in your inventory a message tells you so in the corner of the screen. As far as doing anything with the keys, that will have to be the next feature to add to the game.

I added a yellow point light to them so that they can stand out and be more noticeable. The next step planned is to add a lock to the door seen in the first picture so that it will only open if you have a key in your inventory, and will remove the key when used.

Darkness Released Write-up

I finally around to doing the write-up on Darkness Released, the student project I participated in at BYU. By that I mean I finally got around to finishing the write-up. I started it and filled in all the words a few weeks ago. Tonight I finally took the screenshots I wanted to and added those to the actual page.

With that I am going to keep working on Him over the next couple weeks and such. I’ll be writing more about the project as I go along. If you check out the Projects tab up in the menu you can read the write-up of Darkness Released. Don’t bother with the Him page yet, it’s just filler.

Also been working on the site in general, since I want to use this site as both a dev-blog for Him and other projects as well as a resume of sorts, figured I should make it look better. Gonna probably stay with the simple non-flashy layout, but I added an ad (just in case) as well as I am going to update the About page and maybe write some stuff. We’ll see.