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ending a project

Well, last month I finally decided to declare VacĂ­o as dead. Or at least, I’m going to stop working on it, officially.

I guess realistically speaking I stopped working on it almost two years ago, but I just sort of kept it around, kept telling myself that I would finish it, kept beating myself up for not working on it, so in the end, probably for the best I let myself let this one go.

One of the biggest reasons for canceling the project was really about cost. I had reached a point where I was about 90% “code complete”, at a point where there was little code left to write. At that point I needed to do more level design, polish the levels, then commission more art, music and sound.

And really, for a project that was never intended to be more of a portfolio piece, that seemed like a lost of cost that would be, frankly, kind of a waste. I’m super glad for @2dchaos, for all the great art and animations that had already gone into the project, but its time to put it to rest.

I’m going to be starting a new project real soon. And by that I mean I already started a new project, working with a few friends of mine. We’ll see what comes of it, and hopefully I’ll get back to writing this dev log more regularly.