Darkness Released Write-up

I finally around to doing the write-up on Darkness Released, the student project I participated in at BYU. By that I mean I finally got around to finishing the write-up. I started it and filled in all the words a few weeks ago. Tonight I finally took the screenshots I wanted to and added those to the actual page.

With that I am going to keep working on Him over the next couple weeks and such. I’ll be writing more about the project as I go along. If you check out the Projects tab up in the menu you can read the write-up of Darkness Released. Don’t bother with the Him page yet, it’s just filler.

Also been working on the site in general, since I want to use this site as both a dev-blog for Him and other projects as well as a resume of sorts, figured I should make it look better. Gonna probably stay with the simple non-flashy layout, but I added an ad (just in case) as well as I am going to update the About page and maybe write some stuff. We’ll see.

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